What's Swelly?

Swelly is a polling chatbot that enables you to share your opinion with a worldwide community and get feedback on your own questions within seconds. Try it out!

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Fast feedback from friends and a worldwide community.
  • Trying to decide between two options? Get instant community feedback now!
  • Don't just ask friends for honest feedback, ask 10 million Swelly users who are passionate about providing opinions. Make new friends and get the best recommendations!
  • Share your questions or start voting to help friends and heroes make better decisions.

Chat with Swelly on Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, Line and Viber or check out the App in your store.

iPhone showing the interface of Swelly chat bot

Swelly for Business

Fastest way to actionable insights.

A global Community with 10 Million users in over 200 countries.

Questions and answers

Ask questions and get instantaneous answers from the community.


Generation Z alone shared 200 million opinions in the last year.


Scale without limits -
Start with basic insights and go into details as deep as you need.

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Who Are We?

About Us

With 🐳 Swelly, we created the simplest possible solution for decision-making. Within minutes, users are able to get feedback and help others with their daily choices. What started as a photo app, grew into a multi-platform social network that helps 10 million people make better decisions.

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Got any questions or feedback?

Drop us a message at hello@swelly.ai or reach out via our social media channels.